Friday, June 09, 2006

War Porn

Black Islamists

Somalia has been taken over by black Islamists. Which is sort of like the NBA being conquered by Croatians; it's not really shocking just not what I expected. Even before 9/11 I thought of Islamists as Arabs, though I did notice Usama Bin Laden looks a lot like former NBA star Scotty Pippin. Lately I've been aware of Persian Islamists like Iranian President Ahmadinejad, who's a dead ringer for late Gilligan's Island star Bob Denver. I know Islam is a multi-racial religion nonetheless it is surprising to see that the leader of Somalia's Islamic Courts Union, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, could easily be mistaken for my cousin Willie Albert. And the young Islamic Court fighters walking around Mogadishu with their rifles remind me of the black panthers party members who patrolled my old Chicago neighborhood in the 1960's.

The big concern, of course, is that Somalia's Islamists might have "links to al Qaeda" which no one wants. Then again, that claim comes from the Bush administration. Truth be told, if the Bush guys say somebody is al Qaeda it makes me wonder if they are really Presbyterians.

From what I read the Islamic Courts Union enjoys a good amount of popular support and a reputation for honesty. I hope they are able to bring some security and order to Somalia and keep al Qaeda out. But, if he wants to visit, I hope Somalia will still welcome former NBA star, Scotty Pippin.